Afraid of the NSA

by Skeletones

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Skeletones is a music project with rotating membership, influences and genre. Nothing is sacred, except that which serves the song.

Tuning: A = 432 hz



Machinery, so unnatural
In our vastly altered State
Sign away your rights to me
You don't control your fate!

"Every single word you say" (hey?!)
"We've got it data-BASED"
"Reading all your thought crimes"
"We're right outside your GATES!"

I'm afraid of the NSA
I'm afraid of the NSA
Man on the street's got nothin to say,
Cause he's afraid of the NSA

Mr. Hastings took a drive one day
The FBI was lookin his way
He's tellin truths about the CIA
So they rigged up his car and blew him away!

"Move along look the other way"
"Nothin here, carry on" they say
"It's all for national security"
"Cough up your rights and give em to me!"

I'm afraid of the NSA!!
I'm afraid of the NSA!!
Whistleblowers keep comin' our way
Cause they're afraid of the NSA!!

N - S - A ! (x4)

I'm afraid of the NSA!!
I'm afraid of the NSA!!
No more lies, don't believe what they say
So who's afraid of the NSA??.... NOT ME!


released October 4, 2013
Written and Recorded by Josh Maitland @ Red Room Recordings
Drums by Bob Thomas (Rezonance Studios)
Produced by Red Room Recordings and Rezonance Studios



all rights reserved


Red Room Recordings Collingwood, Ontario

The Red Room specializes in the recording, mixing and production of rock music.

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